Friday, November 21, 2008

Still breathing...

I'm on the last day of a very long work week, involving a 16 hour work day, followed by an 11 hour work day, and more fun...  I'm working again today/tonight, and then blowing out of this popsicle stand at 0400 on Saturday morning, starting my journey back to visit Eugenie and my sister up north.  I deserve this vacation like none other, whew.

Time to finish the laundry, pack, cook dinner, and hit up the store before heading in to work.  I've got some fun stories for y'all from the last week - I'll get to them when I'm settled down at Eugenie's.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Transient Theorist,

I enjoy reading your blog. I'd like to suggest you one more addition to your quotes collection, if you wouldn't mind. I often use in my essays and writings - and found them to be a good resource too.

That's all from me. Thank you for listening.

A caring reader,