Sunday, November 16, 2008

In which the sexes battle it out, resulting in confusion

So last week, by general consent, we had a game night (we being the research techs, plus my boss).  Prior to this, the gender of our respective brains had been a topic of much conversation (to determine your brain 'gender' based on various mental aptitudes and perspectives, check out this from the BBC).  I, some how, came out on top in our group as having the most 'male' brain, at 25%.  The other two males were both 0% male brained.  Among the ladies in our group, one has a 25% 'male' brain (which is amusing - she and I do think very much a like in some humorous ways), and the rest are all 25% or 50% female.

Naturally, there was a good deal of debate then on how to divide up teams when it was determined that game night would consist of playing "Battle of the sexes".  In the end, we went for a traditional gender divide, rather than 'mental gender'.  3 guys, vs. 2 girls.  It should be noted that this game is basically a trivia competition, with the female team having to answer questions that are stereotypically though of as male knowledge, and vice versa.

In general, I am an unpredictable member of trivia teams at best.  The vast majority of knowledge used in most trivia games is entirely outside my realm of purvey.  I can occasionally contribute on some quirky, obscure, "challenging" questions about things that I was actually exposed to, or found personally interesting at one point in my life.  Like, 'name an american artist famous for painting sea scapes'.  Or, "What did Frank McCourt write?".

I've been encouraged to relate pieces of what transpired during the playing of this game, as apparently my "shelteredness" is amusing to some.... (Eugenie, *cough cough*).  The Bon-Jobi post did get far more comments than my epistles usually receive.

Things I know:

Female Knowledge: twall, colander, johnny jump-ups, types of tea, fabrics, spices, cooking trivia, authors (think Jane Austen, etc), pregnancies are measured by the trimester, some brides make bouquets out of ribbons from their bridal shower and toss them at their wedding rehearsal (please don't ask how I knew this), how to make Tiramisu, what baby's breath is, etc. 

Male Knowledge: types of screws, names of operational space shuttles, star wars trivia, names of fishing lures, I think some other stuff, but I stopped paying attention when it wasn't our turn, as I was in the midst of learning about inner product spaces (Linear algebra stuff).  Except for when I had to read one of the questions for the female team.  Some of them made me blush, and I won't repeat them here.

Things I (still) don't know:

- What the heck is "The OC"?  By all rights it sounds like it should be an operating system, but it's not one I've ever heard of.

- Apparently OPI is not a brand of feminine products.  Oops.  Seemed like a good guess to me.  It's possible that after this question, this became our standard response when we had no idea what else to answer.  (Question:  "What is Prada?" Answer: Feminine Product!!!"  Question: "Who co-starred with Audry Hepburn in bladdedeeblah, a popular movie from the 50s"  Answer: "Max E. Pad!")

- Following the above theme, names of actors/actresses.  It doesn't matter if the movies/tv shows/etc are modern or ancient, chances are very good that any question of this sort caused me to return to reading "Linear Algebra", leaving my two male team mates to tough it out for themselves.  On a related note, what the heck kind of a name is "Sex and the City"?  Shouldn't it be like, Sex IN the City?  Probably the city doesn't care so much about sex that it would want to be an element of the union of sex and the city.  Cities don't have sex.  Stupid movie questions.

- the name of the first person to appear nude and pregnant on some glamour magazine.  Why that's considered female knowledge, I haven't a clue.

- anything about baseball involving technical rules, history, or league structure.

In the end, the male team won.  Lucky for us, one of the guys knew a lot about TV shows.  I pulled through with niche items about cooking.  Not sure what that says for the accuracy of the BBC brain quiz which determined my gender, haha.

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Karina said...

Theo, you were reading LINEAR ALGEBRA while playing a GAME? Was this normal behavior in the group?