Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wish I were a much better mathematician.

One of the useful things that mathematicians often do is figure out whether or not a problem is actually solveable.  Some people spend several years of a PhD in mathematics and discover that the problem they're working on isn't solveable - but that's a result!  Some find solveable problems.  Others, well, who even knows what they do? ;-)

But one thing that's really frustrating is being a pseudo-mathematician, and being able to define problems that you want to solve, but not knowing enough to know whether or not the problem you've written down falls into the class of "solveable" problems.  And not having a real, bonafide math whiz around to ask.  Then you end up spending forrrever on something that probably isn't solveable.  And then you're like, damn.  What a frustrating waste of time.

Also, I think I'm really losing my math edge... things that I used to know and do without a second thought aren't coming to me as easily as they did.  I realllly need to get back in school.  And maybe hire me a mathematician.

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