Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meet tree (or, Why my girlfriend is the best ever)

So, on Monday I was stressing out in a significant way, in preparation for my first set of interviews. I was overwhelmed trying to get ready, while responding to information requests from the next two places I'm visiting, and trying to actually work on the research project that I get paid to do.

Guess what arrived and made everything 10 times better???? Check this out:

It's a baby bonsai tree!!!!!! How cute is that?!?!? I've wanted to try bonsai trees for years, and never quite got to it or chanced giving it a try. Eugenie sent me one in the mail as a surprise! Now that I'm on the other side of my first interview (more to follow on that), I've finally had a chance to try repotting the tree, a juniper. But just knowing it was waiting for me at home kept me thinking positive, happy thoughts so it was easier to relax. When i get too stressed out from being around people, hanging out quietly around plants is the best cure. I only wish I could have carried it with me alllll day!

So far I've just been referring to the newest member of my family (it has lots of plant brothers and sisters, if not in a phylogenetic sense) as "tree", but it really needs a name. Any suggestions? Ideas I've had already include

- Ernie
- Juno
- Jenny
- Steve
- Glenn
- Bassie

Isn't Eugenie the best???? :-D

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