Saturday, June 6, 2009


Duuuuuuude.  Weather in Ireland is an abrupt change from Italy!!!!!  I went from sunny and 70+ degrees to today in Dublin, with wind chills of less than 40 degrees, and cold cold rain.  Brrrr.

I dunno if I brought enough clothes for this, especially if I keep getting wet every day!  My rain shell is pretty good, but after a couple of hours walking around in the rain, things were getting damp, and I don't have rain pants...  Oh well, with luck I won't melt.

So far we're still in Dublin.  Explored a bit during the day, ate food and spent a long while drinking tea trying to warm up after a visit to St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Not sure yet what we'll do tomorrow; depends on the weather a bit.  We'd planned on doing some camping, but consistent rain makes that a less attractive possibility.  By Tuesday we're heading to a farm in the SW part of Ireland to spend ~4 days wwoofing, which will be nice.

Might head back into the center of the city tonight for dinner and a drink or two; I'd be delighted to find a nice warm fire in a fireplace somewhere...  Brrrr.

Nothing particularly photo worthy yet; that'll come when i get out of the city probably.  It's nice to be with friends again (even if they're jet lagged and I'm adapted - they're snoozing right now).  And in a place where I (mostly) understand the language again!  Makes things much much simpler.

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