Saturday, January 17, 2009

A visit with invention's mother

I left home on Monday, the back of my car packed up tight, including a few boxes of assorted food items in cans, tea, flour, sugar, spices, chocolate, and some other odds and ends. Two and a half days of travel later, I arrived here at the bio station, having accumulated a bag of bagels, some butter, and string cheese along the way.

Since arriving, I have lacked both the time and energy to trek to a grocery store, the closest of which is about 20 minutes away, especially in the dark - not having ever driven much in this area, and never in the winter, I was partially worried I'd get myself lost. This has resulted in some interesting meals. At this point, pretty much all the bagels are gone - toasted with butter, fried with butter, plain, sliced with peanut butter. I managed to scrounge up a box of spiral pasta, a jar of "chunky vegetable tomato sauce" (which both sounds wrong and is wrong... I love mushrooms, but not pieces of rubber shaped as mushroom slices), and a can of olives. As a firm believer that cheese is an essential component of pretty much any good meal, and that it's addition is one major way to rescue pretty much any questionable meal, I resorted to grating string cheese onto my plate of pasta... That's stooping to a pretty low level for this here guy, who tends to consider himself a quality cook and appreciator of fine food.

Fortunately, things are looking up - it seems that tomorrow a break in snowfall might coincide with a break in the arctic chill pervading this area of late. In other words, my car might actually start, and conditions will be ripe for a major adventure to the grocery store!

In the mean time, I'm gonna fry me up a bagel, sprinkle on some cinnamon, drink some hot chocolate and peel open another string cheese...


sarcozona said...

I am very very glad that I am not you right now.

Karina said...

For dinner tonight I made myself pizza at someone else's house (in DC) and I wasn't paying attention to what kind of cheese I grated. I ate pizza with white cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella. Oops!