Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Intimidating questions

For one of my seminar classes this semester, I'm supposed to answer the questions:

1) If you were to write a single paper on your dissertation research, what would be the title?
2) What is the most important unresolved question in your field of research?

Panic mode! These are very important and cutting questions, that I need to think about... but which I feel vastly unprepared to answer. Given that I have no dissertation research yet, or even a dissertation topic. And given that I'm still learning more every day about my (broad) field of research. I've been procrastinating, but I only have an hour left so I'm about out of time.

I wrote down a bunch of keywords for the things I'm interested in, and did a google search. Just to see if any insane people have tried combining ALL of these topics at once with any success. Surprisingly, a paper by my advisor came up as the fourth hit. I guess that's a good sign, as I sometimes wonder if I'm in the right lab (probably not a unique worry).

Ok, time to hammer out some BS title using some of these words and picking a system.

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