Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This alwayyyys happens

I love hard problems and things that are intricately complex to the point that they make my brain whig out.  I just do.  Sometimes it's nice to have a really good excuse for wandering away from my desk to a comfy chair in a different, hidden room, and sort of curling up, closing my eyes and shoving my hands over my ears... To think, *naturally*.  I even have a pandora station that serves as my source for "disturbed genius" music, when things aren't complex enough to justify leaving my desk.

Trouble is, almost every time I tackle a problem like this, my first solution is dreadfully complex, if correct in theory.  Usually a thing of great elegance and beauty for those who appreciate the truly convoluted and arcane.  Then, after hacking away coding out my solutions and trying to make what works conceptually work out in-silico, I gradually realize that parts of my colossus of a solution aren't necessary.  The hubris falls away, bit by bit, and in the end I'm left with something that is a lot more functional.  A part of me though grieves for all the subtle complexity that bore such mundane functionality - all those little pieces of brilliance that no one will ever see or appreciate.  Sigh.

Back to work Theo.

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