Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reporting in...

So I'm at ESA. Probably close to the busiest week of my year - today I was gone from my room from about 7:30 am until almost midnight. Days are a whirl wind of scientific talks, rushing between rooms, talking and meeting with friends/aquaintances, trying to remember names and schools and disciplines and research topics and advisors, working up the nerves to talk to well known people about grad school, squeezing in meals on the go, wandering the exhibition hall looking at posters and vendor displays, and even this morning spending 30 min interviewing for a field job.

This is all both exhilirating and exhausting, exciting and emotionally draining. I'll have more to say either later this week or next when I have the time again. As for right now, Ecology pretty much owns my life, for better or worse. Previous years weren't this hard, but since I'm job hunting and grad school hunting, I've got a lot on my plate. Thank goodness I'm not presenting! A layer of stress i don't need right now for sure.

Ok, take it easy. I'm gonna crash for a few hours before it all repeats again.

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